What to do in the area

Lake road

Browse the lake plateau and discover Lake Vezoles, Raviège near Salvetat-sur-Agoût, Laouzas.

Lac de Vezoles  lac_vezoles_2


The Caroux

Located in the northwestern part of the department of Herault, Caroux is the part of the southern Cévennes closest to the Mediterranean coast. The southern slopes of Caroux and Espinouse protect the valleys of the Orb and the Jaur and form an iconic landscape of Haut Languedoc, prime area of outdoor activities.

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At the heart of the Natural Park of Haut Languedoc, Caroux (lo Cairosus meaning “The Stony”) turns out to be, by the imposing character of its needles, the ubiquity of the rock cut and its very real mountain relief, through which many torrents, notched disgorged (Heric Gorges, Gorges Colombières.The Gorges Madale).

Consists of gneiss (rich in mica flakes), this gigantic natural viewpoint multifaceted reflects light that is to be baptized him “Mountain of Light”.

ob_29c3f0_sam-4863  Caroux_randonnée table_orientation_caroux

Gorges d’Heric ands gorges of Colombières

ob_ba355d_sam-4825  gorges_colombières

Visit Olargues

Listed among the most beautiful villages in France, Olargues is a formerly fortified hilltop village, with Caroux Massif in the background.

The village is clinging to a rocky summit with the old dungeon of a medieval castle turned into a bell tower. The Devil’s Bridge, below, was built in the twelfth century.

The perfect architecture of the site and its typically medieval character dictated that Olargues be listed and included in the”national inventory of sites.”

Do not forget to visit the Museum of Popular Arts and Traditions in the center of the village, in the famous staircase of the Commandery, above the Saint-Etienne chapel.

Onthe marked hiking trail “Malviès”, you will discover the Peyro Escrito (Written Stone), classified as historic monument.


Visite de Saint-Pons de Thomières

Snake in the streets of this medieval city, and be guided by interpretive panels on the theme of architecture. The city has a long tradition of producing marble you will find in the frame, bridges, streets …

saint_pons_de_homières  saint_pons_thomières

The cathedrale and its organ

The Benedictine Abbey of Saint-Pons was founded in 936 by the Count of Toulouse, the church was built around 1100 and built in the fourteenth century cathedral. Only the north face retains the aliasing and deadly of the two towers of the fortification era of the building. It is a listed building.

It has a historic monument prestigious organ also.

The source of the Jaur


Jaur flows from a large cave at the bottom of a high cliff. A curiosity not to be missed.

The Museum of Prehistory

inter_4 It invites you to discover the regional prehistory through a large showroom of Neolithic furniture, video projections of scenes of everyday life of Neolithic men including a hunting scene and staged nine standing stones


Enjoy the swimming pool: fully renovated, open from June to September with refreshments along the Greenway.

Visite Roquebrun

Charming village located on a hillside, topped by a tower, boasting a beautiful beach on the Orb, the exceptional climate. To visit the top of the village: the Mediterranean garden, which highlights the regional flora with the presentation of 400 Mediterranean species exotic.


Visit the Cave of Devèze

Courniou les Grottes is one of the most beautiful caves in France. Consists of 7 rooms, it houses many kinds of concretions (stalagmites, stalactites, draperies, organs ). The tour lasts approximately 1 hour. In addition, space discovery of the underground world and its projections in 3D you have: history of caving, exploration techniques, the formation of cavities and concretions, the origin of the abyss and fauna, now extinct, who lived our caves. A real introduction to scientific caving accessible. Capitelles coffee shop and enhance your visit. More information on the Cave of Devèze website.


Discovery of vineyards

Our territory is marked by the culture of the vine in plain like the foothills. Territorial diversity allows a wealth of production and various appellations. Discover the vineyards AOC Faugères, Minervois, Saint-Chinian, apellation Upper Valley of the Orb. Throughout the year, winegrowers rides, winery tours and tastings are available. Photos.

CEBENNA center

A Olargues the Cebenna center, center for studies and research on ecosystems, offers many activities: Auditorium: large screen projection of documentaries, including slideshows in 3D, which have the natural and built environment of the Natural Park Régional du Haut-Languedoc the giant kaleidoscope unique, to enter a magical world, that of the exploded image decomposed to infinity in a dizzying mosaic background music. Price: adults € 2.5 1.5 for children aged 6 to 12, free for children under 6 years. Animations: all year, nature walks, soils, days and theme parties, cultural events, workshops for adults and children.

projection 3D Cebenna More informations here.

Nature outings with CPIE Haut-Languedoc

The Permanent Centre of Initiatives for the Environment, located in La Salvetat-sur-Agoût, offers many public outings to discover the heritage of the Haut-Languedoc: discovery of sheep in the Caroux, introduction to ornithology do not hesitate to ask the program!

sortie_nature_herault More informations here.

For more information about the sights, visit tourist offices websites:

Saint-Pons de Thomières, Caroux Haut Languedoc, and La Salvetat-sur-Agoût.